Dr. Med. Jan Baak
Dr. Med. Jan BaakProfessor og lege

Jan Baak

Professor og lege.
Spesialist i patologi.
Spesialist i kinesisk medisin.

Mission statement: To understand and eliminate cancer; To diminish suffering and social burden of cancer; Precancers and cancers is potentially a reversible process, can regress and disappear; Chromosomes and genes are not a person’s fate but an inclination. Lifestyle and diet can have a significant influence on a person’s health and mind.

Publications: 437 published scientific articles in peer reviewed international journals, 3 books; 39 book chapters; Supervised 40 PhD theses

Collaborations: MD Anderson Cancer Center (Dr. Malpica, Dr. Yu) Harvard Medical School Boston (Dr. Mutter); Duke Medical School (prof. S. Robboy, currently President CAP)

Major discoveries: Digital Image Processing and Analysis retrieved microscopic and molecular features have superior reproducibility, prognostic and predictive value in cancer. Proliferation is the dominant prognostic/predictive characteristic in node negative breast cancer; Molecular quantitative biomarkers predict progression in endometrial and high-grade cervical neoplasia.

Developer of proof for the usefulness, new methods and applications of molecular quantitative pathology used throughout the world.

Awards: 1975-1976 Fellow, Dutch Cancer Society; 1984 Research Professor for life, University of Siena, Italy; 1990 Fellow Royal College of Pathologists (UK); 1995 Honorary Fellow International Academy of Cytology; 2000 Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Antwerp, Belgium; 2000 Long-term visiting Professor Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA; 2006 Annual research price, Stavanger University Hospital, Stavanger, Norway; 2008 Honorary Fellow Indian College of Pathologists

Research funds: approximately 100 million US$ raised since 1980.
Patents: US patent 6.703.204; USPTO Applicaton #20090155842
Industry collaborations:Kontron, Germany; Dianon, USA; Leica, Germany

Institusjoner hvor Prof. Baak jobber, har studert eller har tidligere jobbet:

Universitetet i Bergen
Helse Stavanger - Stavanger universitetssjukehus
Technische Universität München
Shanghai University of T.C.M.
Universitatis Senarum
Harvard Medical School
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Global Scholars